Jan Davis Entertainment & Events will make your event come alive with one of our experienced, professional DJ, VJ, or Karaoke experts anywhere in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC. Our Dee Jays must have a minimum of 5 years experience to be presented on our roster, a large library of music, and top-of- the line equipment. Jan Davis Entertainment & Events is the only VJ presenter in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.. This includes music videos, and one or two large video screens and lights or lighting truss. For any size group, this is an impressive presentation. Our Karaoke professionals know how to keep a room alive, be it a corporate event, fundraiser, Gala, or wedding. Our DJ's are also experienced at playing band breaks. All wedding clients may meet with the DJ of their choice prior to their wedding, and each will receive Planners and Songlists to help plan their special wedding day.

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DJ Aaron

DJ AaronJan Davis Entertainment and Events is proud to have Aaron as the head of its DJ Division. DJ Aaron has more than 8 years of DJ experience under his belt and has performed for over 1,000 events, including weddings, corporate, private and social events across the Virginia, Maryland and Washington,DC area. His love of music began as a pianist, and he eventually played woodwinds and brass as well. This period in his life gave him a great fundamental knowledge of Classical Music, so Aaron is well versed in beautiful ceremony music or background music for any elegant-style reception. Aaron has performed instrumental music locally and internationally for more than 15 years, but as far back as he can remember most of his money was spent building an expansive library of music. That library included everything from classical to oldies, disco to rock, and current top 40 hits. By the age of 16 his personal library contained over 2,500 albums. Although his love of music drove him to amass this diverse and large library of music, the thought of being a DJ had never occurred to him until he was asked by a friend to play music at a party. That was it! Aaron fell in love with the job at his first taste of being a Disc Jockey and he has never looked back. "I used to sit around making mix tapes off of my favorite CD's and radio tracks, so I know I was destined to be a DJ! "Looking back on it now," he says with a smile, "it should have been so obvious!"

DJ Aaron loves his job and that combined with his love of all styles of music really translates across the footlights to the audience. His charm and outgoing personality, coupled with his knowledge of music and his level of experience make him a great choice for anyone who wants to have a great party or event. And remember-a wedding reception does not have to be boring to be classy. With Aaron's incredible knowledge of music, he can incorporate your favorite requests, combine those songs with his recommendations, and make it a memorable occasion for everyone. For your wedding reception, Jan Davis Entertainment and Events DJ's do not dictate to you what kind of music you should or should not like. Music is a very personal thing. It's your wedding reception and you will tell us what songs you would like to have played.

Aaron Specializes in Virtual Vinyl, a software program that allows him to scratch music and video files with special timecode vinyls/cds. This allows him to mix music and Music Videos which he can display on a big screen for a club-type atmosphere. Available by request only.

DJ Kathy

Our wonderful DeeJay Kathy has over 15 years of experience as a DJ in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. Since 1989, Kathy has entertained audiences at hundreds events. She also continues to work in area clubs, which keeps her on top of the latest trends in music. She has literally thousands of songs with her at every event. Her repertoire includes all styles of music, from Top 40 to Motown to Country and more. Kathy has experience in the corporate arena, as well as with weddings, private and social events, and after prom parties. This kind of versatility makes her one of the most popular DJ’s in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. Kathy uses the latest in state-of-the-art DJ technology. Her many selections are on a laptop computer, which makes any song quickly available for client requests. Kathy also brings a backup laptop to every event. Her sound system is a remarkable Bose System, and her set up is compact and clean. No audience is too young or too old for the talents of this unique and professional lady. Call Jan Davis Entertainment and Events for DJ Kathy to find out how she can make your next event the best ever!

DJ Dan

DJ DanAs a professional entertainer for over 15 years, DJ Dan has performed at many unique and diverse events. Whether he is working as a solo pianist at the Vice President's home, as a keyboard player for a national recording artist, or as an MC and DJ for wedding and corporate clients, he loves what he does! His versatility as a musician greatly enhances his knowledge of DJ music of many styles, while his professional demeanor, attitude, and presentation reflect his years of experience in the event world. A proficient sound engineer as well, Dan always brings the finest in sound equipment, and can also offer a spectacular light show package at an affordable cost. Originally from Argentina, Dan has also been bi-lingual in Spanish and English since the age of ten. In addition, Dan maintains his vast music library with all of the great standards, most often requested tunes, and the "clean" versions of the more explicit songs on the charts today. Whether it is a wedding reception, corporate party, private or social event, or gala, DJ Dan is a great choice to help make your event a wonderful success! Contact a Jan Davis Entertainment and Event consultant now to book DJ Dan at 703-461-7253!

DJ Steve

DJ Rob DJ Steve grew up in a DJ family. His mother and father are both professional DJ's, so Steve grew up training! He has now been working the private and social event circuit for 5 years. Because all DJ's are personally interviewed and auditioned by our President, Jan Davis, he was put under the same tough scrutiny as all of our DJ's despite his young age-and he passed with flying colors. Still in his twenties, he has a great knowledge of music because of his long experience working along side professionals Mom and Dad. He knows his classic rock as well as the Motown and 80's to the present. If you want some nice Sinatra or Michael Bublé e early in the night, he can accommodate that, too! His equipment is the latest in laptop and BOSE technology, so he carries thousand of songs and it all sounds great. Poised and articulate on the mic, he can warm a room with his great smile and upbeat personality, making him a wonderful choice for something as personal as a wedding. We know you will enjoy DJ Steve!

NEW! For a Club-like Atmosphere......
DJ Steve is a master of Serato Scratch Live. Scratch Live is a cutting-edge software that allows DJ Steve to use real vinyl turntables to synchronize and blend the beats from thousands of digital tracks stored on a computer, creating a non-stop, beat perfect set for dancing, regardless of genre! What differentiates this from a typical DJ using CD players or only a laptop computer is the added excitement and visual performance of spinning actual records at your event.


DJ Keith

DJ Keith is a great addition to our roster because he brings his unique talents as a DJ and a guitarist. At 15 years old, Driver taught himself to play the guitar – and he knew from that moment on music was going to be his passion. By 1990, Keith was going to school, working as a DJ at his home town radio station and singing at local restaurants five days a week. Radio and live performances would allow Keith to build a following throughout Virginia and North Carolina that would follow him to the present. Keith moved to Nashville and began working with great legends of the Grand Ole Opry, which gave him the national exposure he needed to take his career to the next level. After recording 3 albums between 1994 and 2001, Keith began to see his hard work pay off. His life-long dreams of playing the Opry had come true, he had toured the U.S. several times, and he had secured his place within the Nashville music industry.

In 2002, feeling drained from a hectic recording and touring schedule, Keith retreated to his Virginia home for a short vacation only to be called by close friend to return to Nashville to participate in the production of an album that would change his life - an album that was to be a tribute to Country Music Hall of Famers Charles and Ira Louvin released by Universal, a collaboration among such artists as James Taylor, Glen Campbell, Vince Gill, Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton. The album won 2 Grammy's and he was invited to celebrate at the home of CNN TV legend Larry King and his wife Shawn. Keith again returned to Virginia to rest and recuperate, and decided to stay to form a new band, and return to radio. As the newest air personality of Richmond's #1 country station 93.1 the WOLF, Keith was excited about his future as a professional on-air Disc Jockey and the possibilities it could bring.

Deciding to combine his skill and experience as a bandleader presenting live music with his exceptional talents on the microphone, Keith decided to become a professional DJ for corporate, private and social events. Keith easy style and presentation, poise on the microphone, and extensive musical experience brings an air of professional rarely found in someone as young as Keith. With his added touch of being able to play and sing live, it brings you a unique and special combination not found often in this business. For this wonderful and unique presentation, contact Jan Davis Entertainment and Events now 703-461-7253 and ask for DJ Keith!

DJ Mike P.

Mike began his career as a vocalist and entertainer before becoming a DJ, and he has performed in several cities throughout the United States, as well as Europe in such places as Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece and Jordan. Being an accomplished vocalist makes him a one-of a kind DJ, playing the tunes you request while adding a hint of live music to enhance the performance-without overdoing it-and he would never do it without your permission and knowledge that it will be done. Using his rich, four octave vocal range and his dynamic personality, he can dazzle a crowd. Mike received his BA Degree from George Mason University, and he was a member of a talented vocal jazz ensemble that won a national championship at the Berkeley School of Music. His style is unique and he has been popular with clients and crowds in the greater Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area for the past eleven years, performing at numerous weddings, corporate and private events. His list of venues include The Cosmos Club, National Press Club, Congressional Country Club, the Ritz Carlton, The Oatlands, and the Four Seasons Hotel to name a few. His DJ system is digital and state of the art, and lighting is available upon request. He can accommodate Karaoke lovers as well! Mike is familiar with several musical genres as both a DJ and singer, including Oldies, Retro, Rock, R&B, Top 40, Swing and Country. Mike is your unique and special choice for DJ/vocalist, and is a perfect choice for your next wedding or event. Call Jan Davis Entertainment and Events now at 703-461-7253 to secure this talented entertainer for your next event!

DJ Rich

DJ RichDJ Rich has the experience that makes him comfortable in front of any audience. He began honing his skills during college, when he spent time out front of a popular campus band. That band experience helped him to learn that you must be professional and poised, as well as have the talent to play the right music for any type of party. He also has the ability to communicate and work productively with clients from a wide variety of occupations. His goal is to provide a lively, classy and fun presentation, without becoming the center of attention at the function. He will not attempt to be the featured personal attraction at your event-he will just enhance it. Rich has a quick wit on the microphone and can add comments, when needed, to liven up a party. He will bring a large selection of CDs that he complied from his years of experience as a professional DJ. A typical event will include over 100 CDs and 18,000 songs. DJ Rich will keep your event lively, while allowing you and your guests to enjoy your party!

DJ Rob

DJ Rob Dee Jay Rob has been in the music business for over 20 years, from owning and operating his own music store, to performing in bands and being a sound technician, to performing as a DJ. His vast experience in the many aspects of the industry brings a professional and knowledgeable perspective to the business that few DJ's can claim.

He has performed for over 800 weddings, as well as for hundreds of corporate and social events. For over 20 years, his talent and great sense of humor has pleased audiences of all ages. He can be as outgoing as you like, or stay off the microphone and just play great music if that is your preference. This is an unusual combination, as most talkative and outgoing DJ's are just that-and that is all. And, in reverse, the same holds true. Most quiet DJ's are just that-quiet. So, here you can have a combination of both or one or the other all in one! If versatility and vast experience at a very reasonable price is what you are hoping for, and finding someone who is the nicest guy you have ever met-contact us now and book DJ Rob for your next wedding, social or corporate event!

DJ Ron

DJ RonDJ Ron has worked as a DeeJay for over 15 years. Being sure that his clients are satisfied, he makes sure that his library is packed with a great variety of music. "There is an art to keeping the guests on the dance floor, and that takes lots of practice and experience", says Ron. DJ Ron certainly has that experience. He is a full-time DeeJay, and has worked all kinds of events from weddings, to corporate to private parties. As with all of our Dee Jays, Ron's equipment is top of the line. This makes a big difference, especially in rooms that may not have great acoustics. Ron is more than relaxed on the microphone, and is clean cut and professional. Let DJ Ron bring his many years of experience to your next wedding or corporate event.

DJ Kevin

DJ kevinDJ Kevin has been on the Jan Davis Entertainment & Events roster longer than any other DJ. During the 1980's, after many years of booking all styles of bands and music, our clients began to request DeeJays. Jan Davis set out to build a roster of only the best DeeJays in the business-and she found Kevin. It was a great start! Kevin is a full time DeeJay who is poised and professional, has command of the stage, a great knowledge of music, and knows how any kind of event should be run. He has worked from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C. Whatever your age group, whether your event is formal or casual, Kevin is a great choice. He can also add Karaoke upon request. A first-class professional, you will never be disappointed with DJ Kevin!

DJ Michael

DJ MichaelFrom Annapolis, Maryland, Michael has been DJ'ing for the past 6 years for private and social events, corporate events, and weddings. His flexibility, professionalism and the ability to keep the dance floor going well into the night is what makes him one of the top choices in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. Michael holds a degree in Theater from the University of Maryland and has worked as a professional actor in the Baltimore/Washington corridor for over 10 years. He gained his people skills working as a Bartender and a DC tour guide."Thank you for considering me as your DJ. I will make sure your event runs the way you envisioned it! This is done by planning everything out in advance such as the music you'd like to hear, the order of events, the level of emceeing and appropriate attire. I will also work with your caterer, photographer and videographer to make sure we're all on the same page. It's the little details like this that can make the music part of your event ordinary or extraordinary!" Call Jan Davis Entertainment & Events today and tell them you want DJ Michael!


DJ EdDJ Ed has 15 years of experience as a professional DJ. Getting stuck doing the DJ work for all the family cookouts got him a very early start! He then began studying with the area's Top DJ's to learn to perfect his craft. As a true professional, he strives to be the very best at what he does, constantly re-working and updating his repertoire and equipment. Among his many unique qualities is his attitude towards how an event should be run. He firmly believes that a DJ does not need to be the "star of the show" nor does he need to resort to clown antics. For weddings, DJ Ed believes that the focus should be kept on the bride and groom. Although he will do all the emcee requirements, he does not say things like "OK, everyone get up on the dance floor". He knows that his great mix of music will do the job of getting people up and never feels like he has to nag guests to get out on the floor. DJ Ed wears a conservative black suit instead of a tux for weddings, as he believes if the DJ wears a tux it upstages the groom.

His equipment is very unique to the DJ profession here in Metropolitan area, and is the best choice if you are considering a DJ for your wedding and want all the bases covered. He can mic the officiate, the bride and groom and other music if needed, and he will record the ceremony as it takes place if requested. His wireless Bose system has lots of extras, and it is versatile enough that he can customize the amount of equipment for your specific needs. What other DJ owns his own 1000-watt generator if needed for outdoor events? Only DJ Ed. He has over 40,000 tunes at his command, and his main system is a rack-mounted computer system that he built himself. In his repertoire, there is everything from Classical to Jazz, and Motown to Modern. He has an enormous Latin collection, as well as many international songs. His services are best appreciated by a discerning clientele. Call Jan Davis Entertainment and Events today at 703-461-7253 to add this unique and talented DJ to top off your wedding or special event!

DJ Marc

DJ Marc has been on the Jan Davis Entertainment and Events roster for over 15 years. He has been a mobile Disk Jockey in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for over 20 years. He has performed in hundreds of venues throughout Maryland, Virginia and DC as a DJ and Emcee. He is a consummate professional DJ for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and children's parties including Bar, Bat & B'nai Mitzvahs, school dances, proms, and after prom parties. Marc specializes in Top 40 and popular music from the 40's to the 2000's, as well as having an eclectic mix of movie and TV soundtracks and lesser known songs. As a wedding DJ, he performs all the duties of an Emcee including announcement of the bridal party, first dance, and bouquet and garter toss. For corporate events, Marc is happy to be the life of the party-or just to stay off the mic and play fabulous music! With a great knowledge of music for the very young, to teens to older audiences as well, Marc is a great choice for any type of corporate, private, social or school event.

DJ John

DJ John has been a professional live performer as well as a session guitarist for over 20 years. He obtained his Masters of Music in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Maryland, BA Cum Laude in Jazz and Classical Guitar Performance at Shepherd College, and his AA in Classical Guitar Performance at Montgomery College. He has been teaching since 1985, is a member of the International Association of Jazz Educators, and is currently the Contemporary Music Director at Saint David’s Episcopalian Church in Ashburn, VA. John has toured and performed for literally hundreds of events, from weddings and corporate, to private and social, to concerts. He also is a favorite performer at numerous clubs around the city. He is notably unusual in that he plays both Classical and Jazz.

John decided to combine his amazing talents as a Classical and Jazz guitarist with the art of being a DJ. This provides his lucky brides with the combination of beautiful live Classical music for the ceremony and cocktails, seamlessly moving to the DJ position for the reception - or for the corporate client, he will provide great background jazz guitar for the cocktail hour, then move to the DJ position to fill out a night of ambiance of dancing.

John is expert in getting things right the first time around. He is detail-oriented and also very funny and personable. He will win you over with his knowledge and ideas, as well as gain your trust that your event is in great hands. DJ John will simultaneously handle song selection, technical control over all equipment, special announcements, time-line, and “inter-vendor” communication behind the scenes to ensure your event exceeds your expectations.

Jan Davis Entertainment and Events is excited to provide such a talented and well respected member of the region’s music community for your special event. Call 703-461-7253 now to book this amazing and versatile professional for your next event.

DJ Mike

DJ MikeDJ Mike began his DJ career in 1990 by managing his own DJ company that took him from Washington, D.C. down the East Coast to Florida, building an unparalleled reputation for himself personally as a DJ, and for his company. He has trained and promoted a number of DJ’s that have become very popular and well known in Washington, Maryland and Virginia for their unique styles and presentations.

Weddings have become a very special interest for DJ Mike, as his wonderful personality is a great addition to any celebration. Attention to detail is of utmost importance to DJ Mike, and he is completely at ease on the microphone to do as much or as little announcing that is required. He has an outgoing and fun personality, but he does it all with class-no corny gimmicks or “shtick”-just fun and professional. Mike's music collection is extensive, carrying music that ranges from yester-year's nostalgic favorites, through today's current hits. His corporate client list reads like a Fortune 500 page, with such premier clients as Nordstrom, Unisys Corporation, Bank of America, and Verizon. His many years of experience coupled with his genuine, fun personality and professional skills make this DJ the perfect choice for your special event or wedding. Call Jan Davis Entertainment and Events today to engage the services of this very special and talented professional at 703-461-7253!

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